Cool Girl Names

Cool Girl Names We’re Totally Into

Cool girl names don’t follow a single style. In fact, cool names for girls can be bold, beautiful, winsome, wild–you name it. Because here’s the thing: Cool is a state of mind, so it’s all about what resonates with you. To help inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of decidedly cool girl names for you to choose from for your daughter.


This fancy French take on Anne means “grace,” making it one of our favorite cool girl names!



Formerly a little-used feminization of the boys’ name Brian, Brienne shares its meaning—“strong”—and is likely to become more popular, thanks to the bold knight Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones.


Commonly associated with the too-cool-for-school 1990s grunge cartoon heroine Daria Morgendorffer, Daria means “regal.”


This bold figure from Greek mythology plotted to assassinate her mother, Clytemnestra, and sports a name that means “bright.”


Currently in the top 250 girl names, Fiona’s one of those cool girl names that is stylish without being too popular. It’s an Irish name that means “fair.”


Screen siren Jean Harlow inspired this name, which first broke the top 1000 less than a decade ago, and now sits squarely in the top 500 girl names.


The name Hero has been cool ever since it was one of the protagonists in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. It’s a classic girl power name that’s perfect for the Wonder Woman era.


This exotic place name is uberpopular in the UK, but still not super well-used here in the U.S. Its been in pop culture as Ashley Wilkes’ snippy sister in Gone With the Wind.


One of off-the-radar cool girl names is Ione, associated with a violet-colored stone and one of Greek mythology’s sea nymphs.


The ultimate kickass girl name, Jezebel was famously portrayed by Bette Davis in the classic film. She was also a powerful queen in the Bible—though an infamous one.


The name for the queen of the Roman gods got an extra dose of cool when it was picked for the titular heroine of the movie Juno. The name means “queen of the heavens.”


The surname of the “thinking man’s Beatle” has become a popular unisex name—it’s currently in the top 500 for girls.


A fresh and stylish nickname for the old-fashioned Dolores, Lola has its own theme song—the rock classic by the Kinks.


A nickname for Margaret, actress Maisie Williams (who plays Arya on Game of Thrones) brought attention to the name.


A few rock stars recently gave their daughters the name of this tragic Shakespearean character, lending it extra chic. Ophelia means “help,” and it’s currently in the top 600 names for girls.


Pretty Paloma has a peaceful meaning–“dove”—and chic namesakes, including jewelry designer (and daughter of Pablo) Paloma Picasso, and ballerina Paloma Herrera.


This bold baby name was chosen as a stage name by Pitch Perfect favorite Rebel Wilson.


Fleetwood Mac’s song about this witchy woman helped make Rhiannon one of the cool girl names. Rhiannon is a Welsh name that means “divine queen.”


Forget the bellowing of “Stella!” in every production of Streetcar Named Desire, and think about fashion designer Stella McCartney. Stella means “star.”


Silent screen siren Tallulah Bankhead sported this stylish name, which means “leaping water.”


Love virtue names? Truth is the coolest of the cool girl names around.


A short and sweet feminization of William, Willa’s associated with classic author Willa Cather.


A Sioux name that means “first daughter,” Winona is associated with Stranger Things star Winona Ryder—and comes with fashionable nickname Winnie.


Summer and Autumn may have been the most popular seasonal names, but Winter is coming along as the current cool name for girls.

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