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5 Crazy Ideas Guys Have About Pregnancy

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I write this post with the potential of alienating a certain number of you guys who may have had these same crazy thoughts when it comes to pregnancy. Sorry to call you out on this one but at least I’m not naming names.  

1. Pregnancy doesn’t affect you, it’s her thing. Dude, if this is you I just gotta say please erase this from your thinking ASAP. Yes, she is going through all the emotional and physical changes and for the most part you are on the sidelines. But your relationship is key to parenting so make an effort to get involved right from the start. Attend as many (if not all) of her doctor’s appointments that you can. Sign up for a pregnancy calendar so you know what’s happening with the baby (and her) each week. Most of all, let her know you are there for her. Chances are there will be times when tears show up out of the blue. Don’t run away, be the man she needs you to be by listening to her and supporting her. And if nothing else, be thankful you don’t have to endure the rough parts of pregnancy.

2. Her bigger boobs are there for you to enjoy. OK, perhaps I am a bit guilty of believing this once, but what is it with our fascination with breasts?  A stupid question, I admit. But let’s get serious. As much as we are excited about the idea that our partner’s breasts will increase in size during pregnancy, it’s not all fun and games for her. In fact, in most (if not all) cases, it’s the exact opposite. Often these changes make her breasts feel sore, tingly, and unusually sensitive to the touch (and, um, not in a good way). Can you believe I’ve actually heard guys say, “I can’t wait to play with these big ol’ porn star breasts.” Dude, really? Why not just enjoy the view?

3. You’ll hurt the baby during sex. Once again, I’m calling myself out on this one. I’m not trying to flatter myself, believe me, but this is a legitimate fear. But the truth is that the baby is protected by your partner’s abdomen and the muscular walls of her uterus. While I suggest getting advice from her doctor when it comes to sex since every woman’s pregnancy is different, for the most part you don’t need to worry…you ain’t gonna get near the kid!

4. Cravings are her thing. She’ll have cravings, but so will you! That’s something I never thought about when my wife was pregnant with our first child. In fact, it wasn’t until I gained a good 10 pounds that I realized I was overindulging. It’s crazy how fast the pounds can add on when you are not paying attention. So unless you are a health nut, get into the mindset early on and pay attention to your intake. Or if you prefer to enjoy yourself then at least make an effort to find time to exercise. If your partner is up to it, ask her to join you.

5. You and your partner will never have sex again. I’m just gonna come right out and say that this isn’t true. You will have sex again. Some of you sooner than later, but know it will be a part of your life once again. Some couples continue having sex during pregnancy and if you are able to then go for it. Unless her doctor absolutely forbids it, which is unusual, chances are you will continue to have sex during your pregnancy. But be warned, if she’s not into it, then take her lead. You will need to be flexible in this department.

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