Chris Pegula

Chris Pegula

Chris Pegula is the founder of Diaper Dude, a lifestyle and a brand that was born from the idea that fatherhood doesn't have to be complicated or un-cool, founder Chris Pegula started a movement of making a man's transition easier, when becoming a dad. After the birth of the first of his three children, Pegula noticed that most diaper bags and accessories sold at retail stores were designed with women's sense of style in mind. Instead of carrying his baby-stuff around in a gym bag or backpack, Pegula created The Diaper Dude for dads. By merging hip styles with functionality, The Diaper Dude appeals to image-conscience men everywhere looking for ease of use. As today's dads are more involved than ever, dads can easily access the essentials: diapers, bottles, clothes, wipes, and toys without taking off the bag!

Since the launch of Diaper Dude, Chris has emerged as a lifestyle expert on all things family, parenting, and partner related. From helping a man understand what his wife is going through while pregnant, maintaining a great marriage, staying connected to your wife and kids while traveling on business, Pegula understands the everyday challenges and expectations of being a great husband and father, and uses humor and creativity in juggling the everyday chaos that accompanies his family-man lifestyle.

Chris and his product have been featured in hundreds of major publications and have been called upon by some of the biggest stars and television personalities in the world. His first book entitled From Dude to Dad: The Diaper Dude Guide to Pregnancy is being published by Penguin in June 2014.

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