27 Questions: Chris Pegula Fills Us In

In honor of Father's Day, we've invited Chris Pegula, co-author of From Dude to Dad: The Diaper Dude Guide to Pregnancy and founder of Diaper Dude, a company that produces hip diaper bags for dads, to be our June guest editor. Here, he answers 27 questions for us:

These days, dads get a better rap. But we still have a long way to go.

You were inspired to create Diaper Dude, because when pregnant with our first child, my wife brought home a dozen flowery diaper bags and I would rather die than be caught wearing one of those!!

The two essentials every dad needs are: A great diaper bag and coffee.

You wrote a guide to pregnancy (for dads) due out this month, because I wanted dads to get involved and feel connected from the get go.

The biggest misconception dads have about pregnancy is they are useless and have no part in the journey.

Your favorite part about your wife’s pregnancies was singing to her belly and watching my kids move towards my voice.

You struggled with feeling prepared financially, emotionally, and physically but my wife grounded me with her confidence in me.

If dads were the ones to have babies, we’d be in trouble! Our pain tolerance is way lower than women.  At least mine is!

Your craziest dad experience has been when my son accidentally got locked in the car at 1.5 years old.  Big dad fail moment.  Thankfully we had a spare key and could open it up pretty quickly.

The strangest thing another dad has ever admitted to you was nothing yet! But you can probably ask my friends what the strangest thing I’ve ever admitted to them was and get a pretty wild answer.

All dads should know their kids hear everything, even when they think they're not listening.

And they shouldn’t worry about sleep.  You eventually get some by the time they turn 7.

Or sweat the delivery.  The doctor does it all.  Thank GOD!

Raising sons is exhausting compared to raising a daughter.

Three kids are much louder than one.

Your favorite kid age so far is 9. 

Because they are old enough to still want to be with you yet independent enough that they don’t need you every moment.

The discipline method you swear by is swearing!  (Just kidding.) Being gentle but firm, as well as open and honest — not punitive, unless the crime is really unacceptable. But even then expressing disappointment is usually enough to make an impression in my household.

The thing you hope your sons inherit from you is the passion to live life to the fullest and to respect the partner they choose to settle down with.

But you hope they never worry what others think, which I did earlier in life.

You want your daughter to know she will always be my “princess peanut” no matter what her age.

Describe the dating years in two words: Oh god!

On Father’s Day you really want to take a moment with my kids and wife on the beach and reflect on how happy I am that I am a dad.

The FD gift you hope you don’t get is a tie. I rarely wear one.

You and your wife keep the spark alive by having at least one date night a week, in addition to every Saturday night out on the town.

You swear by coffee.

Next, you hope to master surfing.

Photo: Jeff Linett