Shopping For Second Hand Bargains In The UK

Being pregnant and preparing for your new arrival is an expensive time, not to mention the potential loss of income when you take maternity leave.

All this expense can lead to additional stress, which is not good for you or your growing baby.  Fortunately, there are some ways you can reduce the amount you’re spending, even if it’s just a little saving here and there.  One of the easiest ways is by considering buying items second hand and this guide will talk you through ways to search for bargains, and also point out some of the things you should avoid.


I recently priced up Moses baskets and for one I liked with a rocking stand would have been looking at over £100 new, but found a name branded one on eBay within five miles of my home and I was able to buy it for £15 complete with its stand.  All I had to buy was a new mattress and covers.  When using eBay for purchases like this a tip is to set the location to search for items within a specified distance of your home.  eBay is also a great source of second hand baby and maternity clothes bargains, many of which may be unworn gifts that parents didn’t get around to using before their baby outgrew them.  Just ensure you wash all clothes you buy with non bio which is safest for baby’s skin.

The NCT (National Childbirth Trust) is a parenting charity which holds “Nearly New Sales” across the UK.  The NCT website allows you to search for sales in your area and there are always great bargains on toys, clothes and other items to be had as well as free samples handed out.

Another source of second hand bargains for maternity and parenthood is the Buy, Swap and Sell forum at Momtastic’s Baby and Bump community so remember to check it out the next time you’re browsing the forum!

Remember there are always things you should watch out for and buying second hand is no different.  While it is fine to buy Moses baskets, cribs and cots second hand if they meet current safety standards and you are happy with their condition you should always, without exception, buy a brand new mattress, even if the second hand one looks flawless.  This is due to unseen spores which can be present in the mattress and could cause illnesses and have even been linked to cot death.  Another item you should never buy second hand is a car seat.  These can have structural damage which is impossible to detect but could impede the protection they offer should you have an accident.  There are some things you just wouldn’t want to take a chance with and these are prime examples.

Hopefully this article will help you save a bit of money and remember, even for items you do decide to buy new, you can often save money by using internet search engines to shop around for the best deals.  Many high street stores will price match online deals so don’t be afraid to ask; they want your business after all!