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Tips To Reuse Your Old Purse

You must have several purses of all shapes and sizes or colors in your closet. However, with how rapidly things go out of fashion, they are either out of trend or have wear and tear and are no longer useful. Instead of tossing them away, why don’t you reuse the old purse you once loved? This way, you can repurpose your beloved bag for other purposes.

1. Car tool kit or gardening kit

Before buying those costly kits, consider reusing your old, worn-out purse as a tool or gardening kit. If your bag has different compartments and is spacious, why not try storing your tools in it? You can easily store the purse in your car or your garden shed and use it as and when needed.

Not only tools, depending on the size of your purse, you can even use your old purse as an emergency car kit to store things like torches, medicines, snacks, and other essential items. It’s better than shoving everything in the glove compartment. Similarly, you can use an old clutch to keep your sewing items.

2. Save your old purses for dress-up

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If you have little kids, you know they love playing dress-up with everything you or your partner tend to use. So, if you want to prohibit your little ones from raiding your closet for a purse, save your old ones for them. Kids don’t care whether the bag is worn out or out of trend. They just want to look grown up, so reusing your old purse as a prop is not bad.

3. Hanging storage

Attach old handbags to your wardrobe, dressing area, kids’ study table, pantry, and even laundry room for handy storage. From your makeup brushes to salt pouches to paint bushes, you can reuse your old purses to store tons of items (depending on the type and size), making it easier to grab them when needed.

4. Turn your old purses into something new

reuse old purse
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Treat your old purses like a blank canvas and let your creativity flow. So, decoupage them, paint them, add embellishments, etc., to make them unique. Why let a good bag stay unused? You can even add scarves to their handle or change the belt of the old purse to give them a new look.

5. Store your paperwork

Do you have tons of important paper lying around the house? Then, keep them safe and secure by storing them in your old purses. This way, you can have all the documents in one place, making it easier to access them anytime. Alternatively, you can store your kid’s craft work or essential papers in the old purse.

Besides these handy ways to reuse them, you can always donate your old purses to charity or shelter homes. Alternatively, you can sell your luxury old handbags online. Many sites give a reasonable amount for second-hand bags from high-end brands, provided they are in decent condition. So, search the internet and see if you can sell your old purses online if nothing else seems to work. Also, don’t forget to tell us how you reused your old purse in the comment section below.

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