HoneyBug: Curated Baby and Toddler Gift Sets

HoneyBug was started by mom of two, Jennifer Kennedy, who launched the brand in 2019 out of her garage, while she was still holding a full time job as a SVP at a multi-billion dollar food brand. As a mom of two, her family’s schedule was constantly overflowing with birthday parties, baby showers and more, and finding the time to shop for the perfect gift became next to impossible – who can relate? I even feel that way oftentimes and I spend my days working in the kid space!

That’s where HoneyBug comes in. They basically offer curated boxes you can give as gifts whether you’re buying for your child, or gifting to someone else’s. Basically they’ve curated thousands of the hottest baby and kids items that you can shop – or pick from one of their pre-picked, themed boxes.


If you do want to build your own box, they use a proprietary “Build a Box technology,” to help explore all of the clothes, toys and accessories. You also save 10% each time you create a HoneyBug Box.

But it’s not just for birthdays or baby showers, they stock themed collections for big moments like being Promoted to Big Sibling or a First Birthday and they go all out for any and all holidays with things like Trick or Treat goodie boxes, or lending Santa a helping hand with Kid-Approved toy bundles.

I love that they have a mix of finds from various categories and everything comes ready-to-gift. Plus, none of the boxes have fillers, so for those crunched on time feel free to click a pre-curated one without second guessing.