Indoor Activities for Kids

5 Indoor Activities for Kids on Snowy Days


Snow Sensory Table

Fill a small plastic tub or large bowl with fresh, clean snow. Encourage the kids to explore the snow with their hands. To up the creativity factor, let kids “snow paint” using eye droppers filled with various colors food coloring or fruit juices. Spray bottles filled with diluted juice or food coloring can also be used to snow paint.

Shoot Snowballs

Make a homemade game! Crumble up pieces of recycled white paper or use wiffle or ping pong balls to toss into baskets or hoola hoops. Whoever scores the most out of ten is the winner. Have a family faceoff and take turns playing each other until the family winner is declared. You can even move around to different locations as your shoot and turn the Snowball Shoot into a game of H-O-R-S-E.

Snow Scene Art

Pull out the marshmallows and toothpicks, straws or wooden skewers and have the kids create their own snow scene. Build three dimensional marshmallow snow people, houses, and more! Once you’re done, serve up some hot cocoa to drink as you snack on these edible masterpieces.

Snowflake Memory

Gather white construction paper and cut out 24 identically sized squares. Divide the squares in two, so you have two sets of 12 squares. On 12 of the squares, draw 12 different snowflakes. Draw them identically on the second set of 12 so each snowflake has an identical twin. Then use them to play Memory! Flip one set of sqaures over, so they are facedown and you can’t see the snowflakes, mix them up and play your own game of Snowflake Memory, taking turns looking for identical matches.

Paint with Snow

Combine together equal parts of white glue and foamy shaving cream and mix together well. Use a paint brush to paint with the homemade snow. When the mixture dries, it will be a textured and fluffy. To create a puffy snowman, make a snowman out of paper and then paint it with your snow paint.

With a little creativity you can bring the outside in and create a snow themed day of fun that is guaranteed to starve off boredom in the kids.

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