3 Tips For Making Homework Time Hassle Free

If you’re already sick of hearing “I don’t want to do my homework now” consider implementing some of these tips for making homework time hassle free.


1. Have a set time for homework.

Children tend to do best when they know what the expectations are.  When there is a set time for homework each day, you’re less likely to encounter opposition. Some children need a break after being in school all day and are better able to focus on schoolwork after having a snack and playing for a bit. Other children do best if they’re able to dive right back into their schoolwork as soon as they get home.  Figure out what time works best for your child and designate a set homework time each day.

2. Have a set place for homework.

Set your child up for success by providing him a well lit area that is free from distractions to do his schoolwork. While the kitchen table can work, if you have the room, consider providing your child with his own designated work area. Having his own space, stocked with the supplies he needs (and may be a few special treats) can help minimize homework struggles.  

3. Have a set plan for tracking homework.

Encourage your child to keep an assignment notebook where she can write down all of her assignments. Some children resist doing homework because they’re unsure of what the assignment entails or they need a little help to complete it. Be available and go over your child’s assignments with her. Making sure she understands what is expected can help lessen the frustrations that can lead to homework hassles.

With the amount of homework children receive, there really isn’t time to fight with your children over getting it done. Implementing these tips can help minimize homework headaches and help ensure your child’s work is well done.

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