Easy DIY Jelly Bean Candle

jelly bean candle

If your house is like ours, there is a chance there is leftover Easter candy still lingering around. Even our favorite sweet treats have completely lost their appeal. If it’s leftover Peeps, there are tons of ideas out there on the interwebs. Got chocolate, candy bars, or Skittles? Try these recipes to use up your leftover candy. If it’s jelly beans, make a candle!

These jelly bean candles are so simple to make, even for candle-making beginners. Even better, they are ready to use in no time. The subtle pops of color the jelly beans lend make them easy to pair with any room’s decor.

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jelly beans glass cup


  • jelly beans
  • jars (We used half-pint, wide mouth jars.)
  • wax
  • wicks (We liked the ones with the metal bases.)
  • wooden skewer (not pictured)
  • double boiler
  • ladle


double boiler melting wax

Step 1: Heat the wax in a double-boiler. The wax will melt quicker if chopped into smaller pieces or shredded.

candle wick candle wick

Step 2: While the wax melts, dip the metal end of the wick into the wax.

candle wick in glass jar small mason jar with wick

Step 3: Then place the wick in the center of the jar. The little bit of wax will cool quickly and hold the disk in place.

jar of jelly beans

Step 4: Once the wick is in place, fill the jar with jelly beans. We filled it about halfway full.

jelly bean candle soup ladle

Step 5: Once the wax is fully melted, use the ladle to scoop out the liquid wax and fill the jar. Make sure the wick stays straight.

jelly bean candle

Step 6: Lay the skewer across the top of the jar and bend the wick over it. Pull it taut; don’t let it sag. 

jelly bean candles

Step 7: Let the wax completely cool. 

jelly bean candles jelly bean candles jelly bean candles jelly bean candles

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