Chic Glitter Ornaments You’ll Want to Make, Even if You’re Not a DIYer

DIY Ornament // No Mess Glitter Project

I love DIY ornament projects during the holidays, especially when they’re quick and easy to make. And this one is both of those things, so it’s a definite winner.

Using these plastic fillable ornament shells you can make these DIY glitter ornaments in minutes.

Supplies for glitter ornament DIY


  • plastic ornaments that can be snapped together (I bought mine from Amazon.)
  • glitter in various colors
  • paintbrush
  • Mod Podge (or craft glue)


Paint glue onto each ornament half.

Step 1: Start by brushing Mod Podge on the inside of each half of the ornament.

Add glitter to each ornament half.

Step 2: Then pour glitter into each ornament half. I started with one color and then added a second.

Move glitter around.

Glitter being added to each ornament half.

Step 3: Spread the glitter around by moving the ornament half side to side until the glitter attaches to the glue. Continue this process until the entire ornament half is covered in glitter. Dump out any excess glitter.

Snap ornament halves together.

Step 4: Wait for the glue to dry completely. Then, snap the two halves of the ornament together, making sure the plastic hoop at the top of each half matches up to the other.

Finished glitter ornament.

Step 5: Add string through the plastic loop and tie off to create a way to hang the ornaments from the tree. All done.

Holiday DIY // Glitter Ornament Project

Holiday DIY // Glitter Ornament Project

Holiday DIY // Glitter Ornament Project

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