DIY Botanical Gift Wrap

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Every time I stroll through the gift wrap aisle at a store, I find myself kind of perturbed. I mean, I love a big beautiful bow as much as the next gal, but some of those big beautiful bows cost an arm and a leg! Ditto for gift bags, ribbon, tissue paper, and all that jazz. So when it comes to wrapping gifts, I usually get my DIY on to not only save a few pennies, but also to put a pretty little personal twist on the gifts that I give. Since the holiday season is upon us, you’ll probably be wrapping a few more gifts than usual. How about swapping your usual gift wrap routine in favor of some living botanical gift wrap—make your bows out of materials that you forage from the trees and plants in your neighborhood!


  • an assortment of nontoxic plants, flowers, or leaves from your neighborhood
  • kraft wrapping paper
  • cotton twine
  • scissors
  • clear tape


Step 1: Head outside with some scissors. Hunt around in your yard or your neighborhood for some pretty holiday greenery or berries! If you have questions about whether the pieces you are choosing are safe, be sure to research them online to ensure that they’re not toxic or poisonous.


Step 2: Bring in your findings and clean them—a little soap and water should do the trick. Dry them off thoroughly.


Step 3: Wrap your gifts with kraft paper.


Step 4: Tie a length of cotton cord around the wrapped gift.


Step 5: Choose a piece of greenery, some berries, or any topper you like. Affix it to the front of your package and tie it securely on with the remaining twine. Snip the ends.


Step 6: Top all of your gifts and give with lots of holiday cheer!

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