Thanksgiving Candle Holders DIY

DIY: Rustic Candle Holders

I used used recycled tin soup cans for this DIY making it cost-efficient andc eo-friendly. Best of all, the tin coordinates beautifully with the silverware and reflects the warm glow of a candle. A 3-inch (in diameter) candle fits perfectly into the can—making it look like it was meant to be!


  • soup or dog food can (cleaned thoroughly)
  • candle, 3-inches in diameter
  • Raffia
  • textured fabric (burlap or tweed work well)
  • cuttings from foliage

Tin Can Vases - Supplies


Step 1: Cut fabric wide enough to cover the can and long enough to wrap around it.  Secure it to the can by wrapping a few pieces of raffia around the can. Tie in a double knot. Cut away excess.

Step 2: Place a candle on top.

DIY Candle Holders - Step 2

Step 3: Place on the table.

DIY Candle Vases

Table-Setting Tips:

If you would like your table to have a centerpiece, make a few candle holders and line them up along the center of the table. Or, group a few of the candle holders on a tray that can easily be removed when it is time to make room for the turkey. You can even use one of the candle holders as a small vase. I use fall foliage from my yard to make the cans into vases for the place settings at each end of the table.

Tin Can Vases DIY

Or, you can also place one at each place setting.

Diy Candle Holders at Place Setting


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