pencil vase

DIY: Back To School Pencil Vase

This super easy, and really cute, DIY Pencil Vase is a great start of school gift for your child’s desk or for their new teacher.

pencil vase


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glass Vase or Glass Jar
  • Unsharpened Pencils

 How To: 

Lay out the pencils you want to use. I like to mix up regular #2’s with either pencils that have my child’s name on them or motivational phrases but really you could create any pattern you like.

Put a dab of hot glue on the bottom of the jar and one straight up near the top. 



pencil vase

Press the first pencil into place.

Continue around the jar.

When all pencils are in place tie your ribbon around them, both for decoration and to hold the pencils on as the glue dries.


pencil vase

Put a ring of glue around the inside rim of the jar as extra hold for the pencils.



pencil vase


Place on your child’s desk with flowers, or have them bring it to their new teacher for their desk.

Happy Back To School! 

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