DIY: Lemon Head Initial

I could see using Skittles or any other hard candy you might have an affection for.  Let’s get started:



  • Wooden Letter
  • Lemon Heads
  • Glue Gun
  • Clear Satin Spray (not pictured here)


Before I started my letter, I painted it yellow.  If your letter is white you may be able to keep it, but I would suggest painting the same color as your hard candy

Add a generous dollop of hot glue to each individual candy.  This keeps it less messy and the glue has less time to harden before its supposed to.  

Start on one corner and try to keep the candies close to each other

Now, not all lemon heads are created alike, so play around with the different sizes to fill in spaces where needed

Keep your gluing going until the letter is covered!


Spray the entire letter with clear satin spray to preserve the candies.  This will help with discoloration and deterioration

Hang in the sweetest spot you know!


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