DIY: Party Hats

Bright party hats are a really festive touch for a party, but paper ones seem to always gets torn and immediately thrown away. Why not make a party hat made of fabric to last through more than one birthday?

With just a little piece of fabric and scraps of embellishment you probably have lying around, you can easily re-cover a store bought paper hat yourself and turn it into something really beautiful that can be worn on their special day. Super ambitious? Make them as party favors for all of your child’s party guests!

supplies for party hat making include craft glue, scissors and other embellishments

Supplies needed:

paper party hat

fabric to cover hat



glue gun

optional: elastic and stapler

optional: yarn for pom pom top

unfolded silver party hat with rainbow polka dots

Unroll the paper party hat, being careful not to tear it. Remove any fringe on it as well. Flatten it and place it on the wrong side of your fabric and trace. You’ll want to add about Ω” when you trace so you can wrap the fabric around the party hat. Cut it out.

attach fabric to the unfolded party hat

Center the party hat onto your cut fabric piece before you start wrapping it around and gluing it. I used the bright silver for the inside of the hat so it wouldn’t show through my fabric, plus it made the inside pretty.

the party hat is now white with pink polka dots

Now re-fold the hat and hot glue it closed. Leave a little bit of space at the top to insert your pom pom later.

white lace and a yellow pompom trim is added to the party hat

Glue any fringe and embellishments along the bottom

use a staple to attach the trim to the party hat

I removed the original thin elastic and added this thicker one, stapling it underneath my fringe. I used the original elastic to measure the correct length when I cut it.

yellow yarn wrapped around a empty mason jar

Now for the pom pom! Wrap some colored yarn around a glass

making a yellow pompom

Carefully pull the wrapped yarn off the glass and tie it in the middle with a small piece of the yarn

cut the string to make the pom pom

Cut the loops on both sides.

DIY: Party Hats

Start trimming it down…

a completed yellow diy pom pom

…keep going until it looks something like this.

attach the pompom to the party hat

Attach it to the top of the hat with a little glue right along the edge.

a smiling child with the homemade party hat on her head

Party time!


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