All About Party Hats

Party hats are fun, but why not kick it up a notch with some of these great ideas?

  1. Bejeweled Crown from First Palette
  2. 50 Ways to Have Fun with Old Newspapers by Bill Severn, 1978
  3. Dinah Adele's Party from Ohdeedoh
  4. Dino hat from Flickr member jelene
  5. Tiny hatter from Lark Crafts
  6. Cocktail hat from Brook Owen's shop on Etsy

Hats can be a theme in itself for any kind of party, especially one for kids. Whether you want the hat-making to be an activity, want to purchase themed hats in advance, or want to have the kids bring along their favorite hat from home, the kids are bound to have a blast. Take on the mind of a child, be creative, and think of the opportunity to recycle.