Egg Drop Project Ideas That Really Work

What is the egg drop project?

If you have young kids and haven’t heard of the egg drop project yet, you definitely will in the next few years. Kids ranging from elementary school through high school age are being assigned a science (STEM) project, where they will have to use their ingenuity to design a package out of everyday items that will keep an egg from breaking when dropped from ten feet in the air. (Of course, some teachers, especially for older kids, may have different requirements for the assignment.)

The idea of the of the egg drop project is to use as few materials as possible to make the packaging strong enough to withstand the fall. Some teachers may also place a time limit and weight limit on the project.

My parents live on the seventh floor of a condo. Over the summer, my son Kai spent a week with them. The egg drop challenge was one of the many projects he and his grandpa did together. They made their contraption using a grocery bag parachute and mini box filled with lots of cotton balls for padding. It didn’t crack! Kai dropped it over the railing so many times.

Here are some of the items and materials that can be used in the egg drop project:

Looking to get some help brainstorming ideas for the challenge? Look no further. Here are a few egg drop project ideas that really work, even from extreme heights. Check them out in the slideshow.

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