15 Summer Seashell Crafts

Last summer we strolled the beaches of Florida with four generations of our family. It was the first time our entire clan vacationed together without a wedding, reunion, or other momentous occasion dictating our schedule. That meant that every day was full of lots of sand, leisurely reading and relaxing on the beach, and a daily jog. One of those jogs lead us along a new stretch of coastline that was littered with shells. Many of them still had little critters living inside, calling the shells homes. Others had already been vacated by inhabitants who outgrew their mobile homes.

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My kids, niece, and nephew were all so proud of their finds. You better believe we brought a bunch of those empty shells home. We stored them in glass jars on my older girl’s desk to protect them, but now we’re ready to find something fun to do with them. After cruising the web, I realize the possibilities extend far beyond piling them into a glass jar. Here, I’ve gathered fifteen great summer seashell crafts for kids that I found.

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