The 7 Best Meditation Apps to Achieve Relaxation and Mindfulness

The benefits of meditation are irrefutable–reduced stress, increased self-awareness, improved focus…the list goes on and on. The only problem? The simple act of sitting still and quieting your mind can definitely be more challenging than it seems. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Or, we should say, many, many meditation apps created to make this beneficial practice easier than ever. Whether you struggle with finding time in your busy day, are constantly distracted by racing thoughts, or have never tried meditating and don’t know where to begin, these 7 mediation apps are here to help.


This app offers a little bit of something for everyone. A monthly subscription gives you access to all kinds of themed sessions focusing on everything from stress to sleep, quickie guided meditations that are ideal when time is of the essence, SOS sessions for serious meltdowns, and even meditations for kids.

Journey Live

Meditation is definitely an individual activity, but it’s also been practiced in group settings all over the world for thousands of years. That was the inspiration for Journey Live, the first live group meditation app. It offers streamed group classes that let you meditate in real-time with others, and interact with both the experienced teachers and other members.


If sitting still is the hardest part of meditation for you, consider trying this app. By combining guided meditation with staring, breathing, and finger exercises (think mindful swiping), it stimulates both sides of your brain. The result? Improved calmness and the ability to center yourself. Also nice: You get to pick a theme, music, and exercise for each session, and can also stop the exercise and simply meditate whenever you want.

Shine Premium

Banking on the success of the free version of this app–which sends you a motivational text message every morning–this upgraded subscription version offers those same motivational messages, along with daily meditations, bedtime meditations, and seven-day, self-care challenges tailored towards your particular needs.


Choose a focus area–stress reduction, career, sleep, you name it–and this free app suggests specific guided meditations and breathing exercises that will be beneficial for you. Also recently added: A sex and intimacy series, that helps you tap into mindfulness techniques in the bedroom.


Choice for insomniacs, this app is especially known for its sleep stories, basically the adult version of someone reading you a childhood bedtime story. It also has over 100 guided meditations for all areas of your life, plus a variety of different music to help you do everything from fall asleep to stay focused.

Insight Timer

Take your pick from over 25,000 (free) guided meditations, the largest amount offered by any app. It also has a tracker to help you chart your meditation progress, a nice feature, particularly for meditation newbies.

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