11 Spring Cleaning Apps That Make Tidying Up Suck Less

I love it when my house looks bright and tidy … but making it happen? Now that’s a different story. This year though, I’ve found the solution: Spring cleaning apps that will also help me get organized. (And yes, they actually make the whole process a lot less miserable, too!) I mean, even though I’ve managed to keep two kids, two cats, and several plants alive for the past several years, I still have boxes and boxes full of junk in the office that I don’t need but don’t really know what else to do with. I need serious help.

Here’s how these spring cleaning apps work. For every task you can’t muster the enerhinggy to finish (or start), there is a useful app that will help you get through it. Spring cleaning apps such as OfferUp, where you can upload a photo and sell the things you no longer to need (to make room for the stuff you do!); and BrightNest, which generates easy-to-follow tasks, offers cool home decor ideas, and gives you money saving cleaning hacks. I’m telling you, all these spring cleaning apps are game-changers, and they’ll totally stop spring cleaning from being such a suck-fest.

Check out this round-up of the best spring cleaning apps out there — and get started!

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