Ignite The Olympic Spirit In Your Kids

Whether this will be your kiddos first time getting into the games, or you have a real enthusiast at home, we’ve rounded up lots of great ways to get them involved with all the excitement.

Now is the perfect time to throw an Olympic themed party.  You can get lots of inspiration from this amazing beach version (pictured above left) as well as this living room edition from 2008.

Of course, if a party’s a little to grand, there are also lots of little crafts you can do with just you and the kids.  Our favorites include salt dough medals, a flag handprint wreath (pictured above top right),Olympic rings prints, and this DIY Olympic torch one clever mom put together when the real thing hit her town.

Want even more fun ideas?  Check out Easy Olympic Crafts for Kids and Kid Crafts for the Olympics for lots more inspiration.

Books are another great way to get your kids excited about the games.  This list of Children’s Books About the Olympics will help answer all their questions about what to expect.

And when the opening ceremonies finally arrive, be sure to celebrate with these festive Olympic Rings Fruit Pizzas.

Now it’s your turn.  Tell us, will your family do anything special for the upcoming Olympics?

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