Family Friendly Finds From Around The Web

It’s Tuesday so here’s your list of the best stuff popping up around the web:


Aren’t these DIY stained glass windows lovely?  They’re the perfect way to inject a little light into a rainy afternoon.

And speaking of rainy afternoons, here’s a helpful list of 10 Ways to Entertain the Children at Home for Free (9 of which are indoor activities).

Encouraging young children to learn to play independently is important for developing confidence, creativity, and a whole host of other skills.  It also allows you to get something done around the house every once in a while.  For a great primer on encouraging independent play in your little one, see here.

Have you heard of eye bombing?  It’s an incredibly simple concept that yields some hilarious results.

Who doesn’t love making a baby laugh?  The sound makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (only partially because if they’re laughing it means they’re not crying!).  Check out these 4 Foolproof Ways to Make Your Baby Laugh.