Gal Gadot Dances Daughter to Sleep in Restaurant

While all moms are wonder women, there’s only one who has the official title—Gal Gadot. Regardless of that, however, Gadot is right there alongside every parent when it comes to the challenge of getting your infant to ‘please go to sleep’.


Gadot’s ‘Please Go to Sleep’ Dance

On Sunday, September 26th, the 36-year-old actor posted a very relatable video of herself rocking daughter Daniella, three months old, to sleep—in the middle of a restaurant.


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In the caption, Gadot said that the moves on display were, “My signature ‘please go to sleep’ dance,” and she accompanied the video with the song ‘Lovely Day’, by Bill Wither.

Aarol Paul, a fellow actor and parent chimed in hilariously, saying, “I know that dance.”

“Hardest Part” of Parenting is the “Lack of Sleep”

Proud mother of three daughters, Gadot no doubt has quite a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to willing her little ones into slumber. She did, however, relatably conveyed, during a Live with Kelly & Ryan appearance, that the “hardest part” of parenting was the “lack of sleep” and that she made a few rookie mistakes with her firstborn.

“With Alma, our first, we completely messed up the whole sleep routine,” Gadot explained to the show hosts, “And when Maya was born, we were like ‘No more.’ So Maya can sleep through the night since she was five months. Alma, still at 9, sneaks into our bed. … I think that’s what we’re going to stick to doing, we’re going to sleep train her, we’re going to make sure she loves and enjoys sleep.”

To Vanity Fair, in October of 2020, Gadot admitted another relatable parenting tidbit, courtesy of Us.

“I think that every mom can relate to this, that once you have a baby, you get a huge sack of guilt, which is something that I’m dealing with all the time,” she said. “But I realized I can only try and be the best version of a mom that I can be. So I just try to do my best and give them everything that I can.”

How do you think Gal Gadot is doing, managing three little ones and a full-fledged career? In what ways do you relate? Let us know in the comments below.

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