Meghan Trainor
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Meghan Trainor Shares Realities From Her First Year of Motherhood

March’s cover story over at Parents magazine is all about singer Meghan Trainor. Last year, Trainor gave birth to her now 10-month-old son. In her interview, she reflects on what these first ten months have been like and what she has cherished most.

“I think when you have a kid you just realize, ‘Wow, life is beautiful and precious. I want to be the best for my kid.’ I’ve never been more motivated,” Trainor mused about being a first-time mom.

Meghan Trainor and Motherhood

Trainor is a 28-year-old singer topping the Spotify charts with “All About That Bass.” But when she isn’t pouring her soul into music, it’s all going to Riley, her son. Whom she shares with her husband, Daryl Sabara.

One of the biggest impacts of motherhood on Trainor has been a renewed focus on physical health. “I look at Riley and think, ‘I’m going to do anything I can to live forever.'” For parents, this always seems to be what comes into focus first. Child-rearing is, after all, a very demanding sport.

Secondly, her music is changing. Trainor feels like she’s telling a more personal truth with her lyrics. “I heard that when you have a baby, you get more creative, and my lyrics are changing,” the singer told Parents. “Instead of writing songs to make everyone feel better, I’m writing about how I feel in this moment.”

The Realities Influencing Trainor’s Music

In the moment, things aren’t always easy. Trainor relents that while she does feel like “a badass,” it’s not always easy. Sometimes you “have to get up and keep going” regardless of ease. Communicating the “hard parts” of motherhood is something she’s committed to doing truthfully.

“A lot of women are out there posting their stretch marks, and they write, ‘I love my tiger stripes, they gave me my boy,'” Trainor states as an example. She finds this difficult to relate to. “I love my baby, but I can’t look at my stretch marks and honestly say, ‘Wow, I love them.'”

Regardless of the mixed feelings on this, which all mothers feel, Trainor is all about having more children. The joy is real. “I’m happiest nowadays when I’m putting my baby to sleep with my husband because we do it together every night,” she says. “We look at each other like, ‘We made the best baby.'”

“We got so blessed,” she adds.

Do you admire the truths Meghan Trainor is striving to communicate? Do you relate? Let us know in the comments below.

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