Report: Feeding Method Helps Newborns Sleep Through Night

For new parents who are sleep-deprived, the problem is often a newborn who wakes up crying every few hours during the night, and the typical response is to feed him to lull him back to sleep. Such was the case for young couple Alyssa and Michael Russomondo, who sought help from their pediatricians, Drs. Lewis and Jonathan Jassey, after a week of sleepless nights.

Siblings and pediatricians, Drs. Lewis and Jonathan Jassey practice at  Bellmore Merrick Pediatrics in Bellmore, New York, and are the authors of The Newborn Sleep Book. Lewis told that these young parents were desperate, getting only three to four hours of sleep nightly because their baby boy Peyton was waking every two hours throughout the night to be fed. The doctor assured the couple that by following his program, the baby would be sleeping —  and so would they — seven plus hours nightly within two weeks.


The Jassey brothers created a method to eliminate middle-of-the-night feedings. It helps train infants to sleep through the night by stretching out meal times to occur at four-hour intervals throughout the day. They say that a baby’s hunger receptors can be trained to acclimate to a specific schedule. These doctors recommend that parents extend each feeding time by 15 minutes daily to gradually increase the time between meals. As long as the baby gets the appropriate amount of nutrition for a healthy weight gain and proper development, they will quickly adjust to the new feeding schedule.

Their method has been tested for over twenty years and boasts a 90 percent success rate. After just two weeks on the doctor’s program, baby Peyton was sleeping 7 to 8 hours per night, and so were his relieved parents.

Dr. Jonathan Jassey urges parents to “Stay patient. A baby is a creature of habit, and the sooner you start on a good routine, the better for everyone,” he told He also reminds parents that a bottle or breastfeeding isn’t always the answer to a crying baby, adding, “Just because they’re crying doesn’t necessarily mean that they are hungry. Crying is a baby’s way to communicate with us.”

Thanks to the Jassey method, many new parents and their babies are enjoying more peaceful nights of sweet, uninterrupted dreams.

 Photo: Getty