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Things To Keep in Mind While Visiting a Newborn in Hospital 

Nothing can match the excitement of meeting a newborn, especially if they are part of your loved one’s family. The little ones’ cuteness can melt everyone’s heart. Thus, it is no surprise family and friends rush to the hospital to meet the newborn. However, no matter how thrilled you are, there are certain things you should keep in mind while visiting a baby. If you are wondering what measures to take to keep the newborn healthy and safe, here is a list to help you.

1. Take permission before visiting the new mom

Whether you are an aunt or their best friend, it is always better to seek the parents’ permission before visiting the newborn in the hospital. Let’s face it, giving birth is a sweet yet exhausting process, be it c-section or natural, a mom’s body goes through a lot.

Also, new moms need time to rest, recover, bond with their newborn, and learn to care for the infant from the medical personnel. So, it’s always better to call the parents before visiting the hospital to check if they are comfortable with your visit. Moreover, if you visit them, keep it short and follow the visiting hours.

2. Don’t visit if you are sick

If you are sick, refrain from visiting the newborn. Even a minor cold and cough can lead to infection, making the child ill. So, no matter how excited you are to see the newborn or how many precautions you plan to take, like using hand sanitizer, facemask, etc., recover completely before visiting the little one. Moreover, it is alright if you can’t visit the newborn in the hospital, as you will have plenty of time to cradle them once the parents are back home with their baby.

3. Bring along some comforting food

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There is nothing better than home-cooked food for new parents. After all the tense moments and pain, they will be happy to enjoy a warm meal. So, if you visit the newborn in the hospital, ask the parents if you can bring home-cooked food for the new mama. If they agree, take some comforting yet nutritious food for the parents.

4. Be helpful whenever you can

When you visit the new parents, always ask if there is anything you can help with. For instance, you can hold the baby (only after asking for permission and taking proper precautions as suggested by the parents) so the mom can rest or take a shower. Alternatively, you can run some errands for the new parents. If there is nothing you can help with, keeping the visit short and sweet is best.

5. Don’t make negative comments

Never comment negatively on the newborn’s appearance or the mom’s condition. You may disagree with how the mom is holding her baby, or how they are changing the clothing, etc. However, please don’t pass judgment and add to the burdens of the new parents.

Instead, praise their efforts and show them the right way of doing things, but only if they permit. Remember, parents are doing their best to look after their newborn, so encourage them for their efforts rather than bashing them.

Also, while you can cuddle the newborn, never kiss them (no matter how much you are tempted to), as it might expose them to germs. Moreover, make sure not to make too much noise, especially while the baby is asleep, as it might startle and wake them up, making resting time challenging for the new mom.

To respect parents’ boundaries, avoid clicking pictures and posting them on social media. The flashlight might also irritate the baby’s eyes, so it is best not to use it at all when clicking photos of little ones. So, keep these things in mind while visiting the hospital to ensure the newborn stays safe. Do you have something that you found annoying when you gave birth? If you have any additional points, share them in the comment section below!

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