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5 Parenting Products Chloe’s Pops Founder Chloe Epstein Can’t Live Without

Many moms know and love Chloe’s Pops. They’re a family favorite and a sweet treat we don’t need to feel  guilty about eating or giving to our kids. In fact, it was her children that inspired founder Chloe Epstein to start Chloe’s Pops in the first place.

“I was born a sweets addict, but after getting pregnant with my first child, my desire to eliminate artificial ingredients from my diet intensified and I was determined to find an alternative to satisfy my frozen treat cravings,” says Epstein. “Chloe’s was created using just fruit, water and cane sugar and has grown from there.”


Today, Epstein works hard to balance her growing frozen treat empire with life as a mom of three. Here’s a look at the five parenting products she can’t live without.

Elta MD, $37

“I started using Elta MD as a dermatologist recommended sunscreen several summers ago and loved the consistency, the non-greasy factor and that it was noncomedogenic. I felt like it was doing its job in the sun and did not irritate my skin. Flashforward to accidentally ordering the tinted version which I fell in love with and now use as my makeup + sunscreen. My kids still happily use the Elta MD UV Clear.”

Life 360 App, 7 days free and then plans start at $4.17/month

“It’s hard to come to grips with the fact that my kids are OLD and are galavanting around town. I love having Life 360, essentially a family locator app, on my phone so that I know where the kids are at all times. Not sure they would include this one on their top favorite products list, but it’s on mine.”

Acrylic Rummikub Set, $225

“My husband grew up playing this classic, strategic game and we quickly adapted it in our family. When the kids were young, I was always on the lookout for ways to engage the kids in creative, potentially challenging, yet enjoyable ways and this game is a home run! Now that the kids are older, we graduated to a chic, luxe acrylic version so it looks pretty too.”

Hint Water, 12 bottles for $19.99

“I’ve never been great at the 8 cups of water a day thing and I do not keep any other beverages in the house, so once I started drinking sparkling water, I found that I was able to get my daily water intake up. I love sparkling water, but the kids don’t love the bubbly so I recently started incorporating flat flavored water into their routine and am loving Hint Water for both sparkling and flat water options. I’m partial to the rockstar female founder as well as the plethora of fruity options.”

Jennifer Fisher Salt, $30 for three-pack

“I am very basic with my cooking. I like simple. I’m a “sauce on the side” kind of girl and this seasoning is magical. I put it on everything and with nothing else but a little olive oil or avocado spray, it transforms every meat, fish or veggie into something super tasty. Even my most picky 13 year old is a fan.

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