This Aussie Service Helps Your Kids Keep Up At School

Cluey Learning is helping Australian parents help their children. It’s an online, face-to-face tutoring service that supports children who’re struggling to keep up at school.

It can be really tricky helping your kid keep up with their education. Teachers often don’t have the time or resources to offer personalised help but asking for more worksheets or homework can be a massive strain on the parent.


That’s where Cluey Learning’s online tutoring comes in. Your child can receive tutoring from the comfort of their own home, one-on-one with an experienced and qualified tutor. And they cater to grades two through to 12 for Maths and English, as well as Senior Chemistry.

They’ll gauge where the student is at at the beginning of the program to find out how they can tailor tutoring to the child. Don’t worry though, the tutoring is relevant and tailored to the Australian School Syllabus too. All with the mission of helping your child feel more confident at school.

We know what you’re thinking, “does it work though?”

It is. 82 per cent of parents who’ve used the service say their children’s grades have definitely improved.

Your child will have the recording of the session to go back over as they need, along with practice work between the sessions. Plus, you’ll get a written report from their tutor following each session.

Cluey Learning are currently offering up a 20% discount on their 2-Session Starter Pack.

Learn more about how the service works below, then head here.

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