11 Things Mums of Newborns Will Probably Forget to Do

11 Things Mums of Newborns Will Probably Forget to Do

I’m putting it out there straight away: when you are a mum of a newborn, you will never, not in a million babies, remember to do all of the things. This is because there are just so many items on the to-do list when you have a fresh baby. Things like:

  • Wash the baby
  • Feed the baby
  • Turn the baby over

Oh, hang on… I think that’s a nursery rhyme about dishes, not my baby to-do list. Did I mention that there’s something called baby brain that makes you type weird stuff like that all the time? Baby brain is an actual thing. During pregnancy we lose grey matter volume in our brains and which can last up to two years (but in my case it has lasted much longer). Combine that with sleep deprivation and all the stress of managing something brand new to our lives, and you can understand why new mums all get a little loopy.

So, when you browse through this slideshow of all the things you are likely to forget to do when you have a newborn, remember this: mums are all united in our forgetfulness. Don’t worry; there are loads of suggestions offered here to help you keep on track. For instance, while it feels impossible to remember all the key immunisation dates for your baby, there’s an app called Save the Date to Vaccinate to help with that. Read on!

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