5 Ways to Deal With Postpartum Depression 

There is no better feeling than bringing a new human life into the world. As a parent, you might experience joy, sadness, fear, anxiety, and other countless emotions. But if the feeling of sadness persists for a long, or you face severe mood swings, and find it hard to bond with your baby as well, you may be experiencing postpartum depression aka PPD. But worry not, there are a few ways to deal with postpartum depression effectively. Read on to know all about it. 

1. Try To Get Proper Rest

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Sleep is an essential healing factor to deal with postpartum depression. Your body must get adequate rest for physical and emotional well-being. But with newborns, it might get difficult to get enough sleep due to their feeding and sleeping routine. That is why, you need to come up with a plan to ensure you get enough rest. For instance, you can take shifts with your partner during nighttime feeding or ask your parents to come in to help, and so on. Remember, it’s absolutely okay to be direct and ask for what you want and how you want it. 

2. Exercise Whenever You Can

Or simply move in and around the house as much as you can. The more you walk, dance, sing, go to the gym, or do some activity as per your liking, the less stressed or overwhelmed you will feel, making you more acceptable of the new responsibility. 

3. Eat Healthy And Wholesome Meals

Striving for a balanced diet might be tricky while looking after the newborn but try to pay equal attention to your diet as food can have a major impact on your mental health. Incorporate nuts, leafy vegetables, pulses, legumes, lean meats, seasonal fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. Poor nutrition can have a mjor impact your mood. So, maintain a balanced diet along with keeping yourself hydrated to deal with postpartum depression. 

4. Take out time for self-care

This might sound a little impractical but self-care will help you relax and be comfortable. Your self-care routine does not have to be a lavish affair. It could be enjoying simple things like a little spa, hanging out with friends, reading your favorite book with coffee, having a good hearty meal, and so on. In short, do anything that lifts you up spiritually and emotionally to deal with postpartum depression. 

5. Talk It Out 

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Do not keep your emotions bottled up as it will cause more frustration and mood swings, hampering your bond with the little one. Instead, speak up about your feelings with your partner,  counselor or family. You can even look for support in your friend circle or join online communities where people share their postpartum depression ordeal.

Coping with postpartum depression is not easy especially if you are a new parent. But remember, although overcoming postpartum depression may take some time but with constant efforts you can definitely deal with postpartum depressionsoon and enjoy the joy of parenthood. 

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