How Parenting Is Just Like the Olympics

How Parenting Is Just Like the Olympics on @ItsMomtastic by @letmestart | The Olympic Games in Rio 2016 parenting humor for mom and family

Every day is like the Olympic games when you have kids. Between the rambunctious crowds, everything being a contest, and startling lack of pants in public, we feel right at home when the world comes together to compete! Here are some of the things that will ring familiar while you watch history being made in Rio this summer:

1. “Are you looking? LOOK. You’re not looking!”

Kids never just start something. They expect you to come and sit and PAY ATTENTION to their opening ceremony. Then they make you wait and wait (they weren’t actually ready yet). Once it begins, there’s bound to be a parade and some interpretive dance that you pretend you understand by calling out, “Oooooh” and, “Ahhhhh” in between your applause.

2. So much Katy Perry

On one hand we have glitter-covered half-dressed people with laser-like focus about to do something athletically impressive and possibly even dangerous in front of a crowd. On the other hand we have the exact same thing, but they happen to be Olympic athletes. Of course both groups would have the same peppy woman with the bubblegum-scented roar singing their theme songs!

3. So much running

Everything is, in fact, a contest, MOM—and walking is for sissies. So whether it’s a dash to sit in the front seat or a long race to be first in line at the ice cream truck, there WILL be a winner. And that winner wants a medal around her neck, pronto. 

4. Wrestling

The Olympics only dedicates one day to the event, but it’s a MUCH more frequent activity in your home. And in your car. And in the aisle of the store. And at the park. And…

5. Sand. Everywhere.

Much like the beach volleyball players, kids take no notice of exactly how much of glitter’s rocky cousin they bring home in their hair and clothes. Or how much they spray across those who happen to be near them while they play.

6. Lots of holding your breath and hoping for the best

Small people running, jumping, tumbling, flipping, and climbing up onto tall structures that seem really quite dangerous. You want to clap for them, but you also cannot breathe until they’re safely back on their feet again.

7. Pride

Whether your kid kicks the winning goal that earns her team gold, or finally gets the booger that’s been clogging his shnoz all morning, you’re always there on the sidelines, cheering (and holding a tissue, just in case).

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