National Siblings Day: 9 Adorable Ways to Celebrate

I can’t say I’ve always loved being the middle child. My older brother always seemed to have more privileges and opportunities, and my little brother was showered with constant praise for being so cute. As a kid my toys were never all my own, and even into middle and high school, I was often known by teachers as the younger sister of sarcastic, bossy Jacob. The cool rising freshman all knew me as Noah’s not-as-cool older sis. But I’m thankful for my brothers every day — and I want to celebrate our amazing bond on National Siblings Day. Because here’s the thing: When the rest of the world walks out, your siblings are always there. My brothers defended me against bullies on the playground and were there to shout out my name at every dance and cheerleading competition, even when I missed a step. They were the ones that packed up my stuff after every NYC apartment-hopping breakup, and the two who cried the hardest tears of love at my wedding (with the right guy!) later.

As an integral part of each other’s childhood, the sibling relationship is one that holds so much closeness and love. Our memories mirror and fill each other’s in. We antagonized the same babysitters and once got kicked out of a museum for making each other laugh uncontrollably. We used to huddle together at the top of the stairs in our pajamas when our parents held dinner parties and listen to all the adult gossip we weren’t supposed to hear. We somehow made the car trips between our two parents’ homes fun by belting along to an unlikely mix of Bette Midler and the Goo Goo Dolls, after the divorce we experienced as a team. When I picture holidays, home, and love, none of it is complete without these two. And even though little kids might spend most of their time bickering with their brothers and sisters, National Siblings Day is a perfect moment to celebrate their special bond (click through the slide show, above, for some cool ideas).


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