Dress-Up Fun: Absolutely Amazing Costumes for Kids

Having a little girl has been so much fun for me. My own childhood comes back in bursts of memory as I watch her growing and discovering new things. Of course, no childhood would be complete without lots of pretend play, and so far one of the best parts of having a child is watching her dress up as different characters. There are so many cute costumes for kids out there. On my daughter’s first Halloween, she was Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz in a handmade dress I just loved.

No matter the time of year, though, you can find cheap costumes that kids can wear again and again for games of dress-up. This imaginative playtime is a great way to celebrate life and act out a diverse set of story lines with your kids. 


Whether it’s just my daughter Willow and me trying on tiaras on a Tuesday morning, or we’re inviting the neighborhood kids over for afternoon tea, I like to have plenty of costumes for kids on hand. We keep a section of her closet bursting with dress-up options and I’m always looking to add more. Inspired to start a game of dress-up in your house? Check out these amazing (and inexpensive) costumes for kids, ranging from trendy choices like Darth Vadar and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to classic favorites like Spiderman and Supergirl.

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