How to Read a Mom’s Body Language

Moms have lots of superpowers, including being able to communicate without saying a word, thanks to perfectly honed body language skills. While there is not enough space on the internet for the infinite number of subtle expressions and gesticulations the average mom does in a day, this selection is a pretty good starting point if you’re trying to get to understand them better. And to know whether or not you’re in trouble.


Fueled and Ready

What it means: Mom has had her coffee and is ready for morning hugs now.



Fair Trial

What it means: Mom does not necessarily believe everything the kid talking to her is saying, but is willing to hear him out.


Imminent Verdict

What it means: Mom is about to make a judgment call not in the kid’s favor, so he better up his Cute Game to avoid trouble.


Incoming Three

What it means: Mom is about to count to three, and that kid BETTER be listening. 


Comedic Spawn

What it means: Her kid just said something inappropriately HILARIOUS. When she is done laughing, she will try to reprimand the kid with a straight face. 

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