3 Things I Never Thought I’d Say As a Mom

Before I was a mom, I was VERY idealistic….then reality hit. Here are a couple of things I swore I’d never say — and then Julian changed everything. HA! I was no naive …


I so wish I could be one of those parents who blissfully and calmly explains things to their children instead of saying NO (OK, I have to admit that when Julian was a baby I lectured my husband on the dangers of saying no too often and swore I would reserve the word for dire situations). Now that Julian is 19-months-old, I say NO constantly: when he wants to play with the water cooler, when he tries to jump in the tub, when he plays with our lab’s food, when he climbs the sofa, etc. etc.!


2- “Bring out the IPAD!” 

When Julian was a baby, I promised myself I would wait at least two years until he had ANY sort of screen time. Cross-country flights quickly changed that.

3- “I never go to the movies anymore!”

When I was expecting Julian, there was so much downtime; I felt very restless. A friend of mine told me to enjoy my downtime and to go to the movies because once Julian came, my free time would be over. I had no idea what she was talking about. Now I totally get it. And I’m really glad I do.


Photo: Jordana Brewster/Instagram