My Preschooler Has a Girlfriend (& I’m Not Sure I Can Handle It)

Putting aside all of the raging hormonal stuff that I’m not at all ready to ever deal with ever, I don’t even want to think about my precious little babies having crushes or going on dates or getting their sweet little hearts broken. But unfortunately, I’m already getting glimpses of what’s ahead. I’ve seen that twinkle in their eyes when they’re talking to a pretty girl or even a pretty mom. I’ve watched one of my boys actually flirt, telling my 10-year-old goddaughter, “I’m a big boy, now,” as though he was letting her know that he just turned legal. My other twin plays it a little more coy, but you should have seen the proud look on his face when an adorable little girl was chasing him at preschool. I think if he knew better, he would have been high-fiving his little buddies with a, “Oh, hell yeah.”

So, my boys have become besties with a set of boy/girl twins that I love almost as much as they do. All four kids get along great, but my flirty boy is obsessed with the little girl, CC. (He has cried before when I’ve told him that she wasn’t going to be at school!) CC might be a little smitten with him as well since they’re always sitting together at school and hugging each other. The other day, they both showed up in fancy outfits, having dressed themselves. I almost wondered if they had planned it, or at the very least, just wanted to get all gussied up for the other. Like had they made a date?

The first time I really noticed his connection to her was when she showed up at a Halloween party dressed as Ariel, in a bright red wig. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, which I assumed was because she was so colorful, but it seems as though he’s been under her spell ever since. I think the feeling is mutual, although I’m not sure my little man has ever been quite as awe-inspiring, even in his “handsome clothes.”

Their mom and I are really good friends, so we joke about them getting married one day. But like, really, could they get married one day? We live in the same neighborhood so they could potentially go to the same school and keep being besties. And if we all stay in this area, they could, like, sneak out to meet each other in the cul-de-sac for wholesome activities like sharing cookies and meaningful conversation. And maybe, one day, that could turn into true love. OMG, if they married each other, we’d pretty much have the best in-laws ever, who share the same values and parenting styles. It’s meant to be! This must be how arranged marriages get started. I mean what’s so bad about an arranged marriage, really?

Of course, I’m jumping the gun. They’re 3-years-old. And I think it’s just simply that they’ve found their people, a little girl and a little boy that they connect with like no other. They’ve found friends who make them happy, who get them, who share their energy, and that’s enough for me. This is an age where their social selves are really blossoming, and I love to see how they connect with new friends, and who will be the little ones they keep asking about later. I find it so interesting to see who they’re drawn to because, interestingly, it’s often the kids that I think are super-cool as well. I guess they have great taste. And if one day my boy really does want to marry this special little girl, well, I’ve got plenty of pics for the wedding slideshow.

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