17 Hide and Seek Fails That Will Make You LOL

I’ve reached an exciting moment in motherhood. After three years of trying to entertain my kid by any means necessary, she’s finally old enough to play games.  Now, we can while away the hours with Go Fish, Candy Land, or Charades, and I get to play too. It beats the heck out of jingling my keys while making funny faces.   

One game my preschooler is still trying to master is Hide and Seek. Since she’s uneasy about being alone, she’ll often hide in plain sight. When it’s my turn to hide, she covers her eyes with spread fingers so she can see exactly where mommy is going. Our Hide and Seek games aren’t exactly suspenseful, but they’re still a lot of fun.  

From the looks of these Hide and Seek fails, it seems we’re not alone! Take a look at these hysterical pics (for fun, I’ve taken a guess at what these kids were thinking while they were “hiding”):

child trying to hide in a basketball hoop

You can’t see me if I can’t see you…Oh wait, hi Mom.

Photo: kr8zytiger on imgur

Little girl hiding behind a cabinet

I’d go all in, but it’s too dark in there!

Photo: AG 

Little girl hiding behind a toilet

Where does the poop go when I flush?  Back here?

Photo: Imgur on imgur

small boy hiding behind a white pole

This pole is the same color as my t-shirt!  I’m a pro at camouflage. 

Photo: Imgur on imgur

Child hiding under a plastic bin with feet sticking out

It’s a little stuffy inside this box so I’m letting my feet breathe. 

Photo: Imgur on imgur

two boys playing hide and seek behind a curtain

Pay no attention to those kids behind the curtain.

Photo: Imgur 

child trying to hide in a shelf

Maybe this is where my toys go when they’re lost.  I’m coming for you, puzzle pieces!

Photo: Reddit user RedWingGate

Little boy hiding behind alligator stuffed animal

This is hands down the best hiding spot ever. Maybe you’ll see me later, alligator.

 Photo:  imgur

Child pulling lego box over head

Daddy always said I was a chip off the old block.

Photo:  imgur 

child laying flat on stairs

Keep on moving, big foot. Nothing to see here.

Photo: Reddit user destrucdave


It’s curtains for anyone who thinks they can find my super secret hiding spot!

Photo: Reddit user imellisyo

child hiding behind a pillow

I’ve completely hidden my head, shoulders, knees, and…oops. 

Photo: Reddit user StickTrick27 

child laying on the floor with a cover

Trying to find a good hiding spot is so tiring. Maybe I’ll just lay down for a minute.

Photo: imgur 

child face planting under desk

There’s that goldfish cracker I lost yesterday! Still fresh and crunchy.

Photo: Reddit user MrBuckskin

child hiding under a blanket holding toy

Waiitng to be found is so boring. It’s a good thing I have this noisy toy to play with. Ding ding ding ding!

Photo:  Reddit user port25

child hiding in a toy box

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Hider!

Photo: Reddit user Sniperizer


I think I know what’s wrong with the engine. Hand me that crescent wrench, would ya?

Photo: Reddit user talexsmith 

Man sitting on floor hiding behind toy

Ready or not, here I come!  Looking, looking…huh, my uncle’s not even in here. Better check the bathroom. 

Photo: Reddit user RyanSmithN

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