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Bachelorette Party Games You Can Play With Your Girls

Games are a must-have if you are throwing a bachelorette party for your girl. You have to plan some fun games to keep the guests on their toes. If you have not decided on the bachelorette party games yet, we have some that will be a hit amongst the guests and keep them enthusiastic all day long because your girlfriend deserves the best.

1. Scavenger hunt 

An evergreen game that can be played with any age group, this is a popular choice for bachelorette parties. Hide wedding-related items like rings (fake ones, please), veils, shoes, etc., throughout the venue, and give each guest a list of items so they know what they are looking for. Ask them to collect as many items as possible by a given time to keep it challenging. The individual who wins gets a grand prize or a chance to share something funny about the bride-to-be.

2. Ring hunt

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This is another bachelorette party hunting game but exclusively for the bride. Send the bride-to-be on a hunting spree for her engagement ring (again, a fake one, please), with guests giving hot, warm, or cold clues to help her find her ring in a given span of time. If the bride-to-be succeeds in finding the ring in the time frame, she gets a huge gift hamper (a naughty and fun one to keep it exciting), which she can use post-marriage.

3. Jenga with a twist 

Everyone must have played the regular Jenga at some point in their lives, but for the bachelorette party, give this game your own twist by writing a task on some of the blocks. For instance, you can write tasks like singing a raunchy song, dancing with a plastic cup on their head, prank calling their boyfriend/husband (“fiancé” if the bride-to-be gets this block), etc. Only the ones who complete the task can add their block to the top of the tower and continue playing.

4. Drink if game

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If you want to get some saucy confessions out of the guests or the bride-to-be, this game is a must-try at the bachelorette party. Simply write some naughty questions in bits of paper (since it’s a bachelorette party, it’s alright as long as you don’t cross the line), place them all in a bowl and pick at random, and ask everyone those questions.

For example, you can ask “Drink if you have been physically attracted to someone in your office,” “Drink if you are jealous that their friend is getting married before them,” etc. The person who drinks the most wins a gift.

Since it’s a drinking game, make sure you keep the alcohol consumption in mind. You don’t want a drunk individual ruining your well planned out bachelorette party. So, to be on the safer side, you can switch the alcohol with some cocktail to keep the drunkenness in check. Also, ensure you have some non-alcoholic options like mocktails and juices for the expecting mamas.

5. Pin the kiss

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Print a massive picture of your bride-to-be’s celebrity crush (pick her favorite if she has many), paste it on the wall, hand the guests some fun smooch stickers, blindfold them, twirl them, and ask them to paste that sticker on the celebrity (if they find it). You can also ask the remaining guests to guide (or misguide) the player. This will be a fun game for the bachelorette party.

Apart from these bachelorette party games, you can also try “Truth or Drink,” “Never Have I Ever,” “Bachelorette Bingo,” “Dare card games,” etc., to end the bachelorette party on a high note. However, remember that if you are making questions for any game, refrain from asking personal questions. As long as the questions are fun and not private, everyone will have a gala time at the bachelorette party.

So, plan the bachelorette party games and make arrangements accordingly. And don’t forget to share your bachelorette party experience with us in the comment section below.

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