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Top Tips To Plan a Bachelorette Party for Your Girlfriend

Whether you have been entrusted with the opportunity to plan a bachelorette party for your girlfriend or you are preparing yourself for the future, the pressure to throw the perfect bachelorette party for the bride-to-be is undeniable. If this is your first time, welcome to the incredibly stressful yet fulfilling journey of planning a bachelorette party. We are here to help and guide you to ensure your girlfriend has the best day.

1. Fix the venue

Before you decide on anything, fix the venue because most of your decisions will depend on that. Talk to your girlfriend and get a feel of where she wants her bachelorette party to be held. Does she want to stay in the city or fly away to an exotic location? If in the same city, does she want to go all out in a hotel or keep it simple in one of her friends’ homes? Once you have zeroed in on the venue, scout the locations that meet all your requirements and seal the deal.

2. Plan out a feasible budget

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There is no set budget for a bachelorette party. You can make it as extravagant as you want or keep it uber-simple. However, you must set the budget as early as possible to make arrangements accordingly. For instance, if you are planning to fly the bride-to-be to another location with other bridesmaids, you need to consider the finances.

Who will pay for the tickets, will the bridesmaids chip in, what will the cost of a 1-2 day stay at the hotel cost, etc., are some of the fields you will need to cover. You will need to think of every aspect of the party. If you are thinking of a small-scale party, you must consider the decor budget, menu, etc. With the venue and budget set in stone, further decisions will be much easier.

3. Finalize the guest list

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Get the guest list ready as early as possible because you might need to change your venue if it doesn’t provide enough space for everyone. If your girlfriend is looking forward to a small, intimate bachelorette party at home, make your arrangements accordingly.

However, if she wants a large gathering, look for places that can easily accommodate all the guests and have extra space for fun activities. Also, while getting the guest list ready, note their food preferences. If the guests are meant to RSVP, ask them to send in their food preferences and restrictions. It will help you decide on the food menu.

4. Set the date

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With all the wedding preparations in full swing, your bride-to-be’s schedule might be very busy. So, sit with her, give her a few date options, and pick the one that suits her the best.

Once the date is finalized, send a save-the-date invitation to the guests to give them a heads-up about the bachelorette party. This way, the guests can keep the day free for your girlfriend. Don’t forget to confirm the guest’s attendance a few days before the bachelorette party.

5. Plan out the menu, decor, and activities

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Regardless of location or budget, always pre-plan the menu, decor, and activities to avoid any last-minute mishap. If you are planning to make some DIY centerpieces for the bachelorette party, start making them ahead of time.

If you are hiring someone for the decor, finalize the theme of the decor months in advance. The same goes for the food menu. Be it vegetarian, vegan, or non-vegetarian, make sure the menu caters to everyone’s needs. Even activities should be well-planned to avoid last-minute stress. Although not mandatory, you can even get some party favors for the party guests if the budget permits.

These are a few things that you need to take care of while planning a bachelorette party for your girlfriend. So, get that pen and paper, make the to-do list, and start planning. Don’t forget to share your bachelorette party planning experience with us in the comment section below.

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