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Best Easy-To-Make Baby Shower Centerpieces

Are you hosting a baby shower for yourself, your friend, or your family? If yes, we are sure you must be having difficulty figuring out the centerpiece you should go for. The hardest decision is whether to buy it or make one yourself. We recommend making the centerpiece for the baby shower!

Your gesture will touch the mommy-to-be (or it will be personalized to your aesthetics if you are the mommy-to-be). Also, choosing an easy-to-make baby shower centerpiece for the party won’t leave a hole in your pocket. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. If you think DIY will be time-consuming, here are a few baby shower centerpiece ideas that will come together in minutes, making things easier for you.

1. Hot air balloon centrepiece

This centerpiece is low-cost and will impress the guests for sure. Take a mason jar or any empty glass jar, fill it with water and some flowers (even rubber toys will work fine), and tie a bunch of hot air balloons with the jar. Voila, your centerpiece is ready.

If you have some extra time or want to make the centerpiece even more decorative, then you can paint the mason jar pink or blue (if you know the baby’s gender; otherwise, go for a half-and-half). You can also write or stick some fun words on the balloons for mom-to-be, like “you slay girl,” “baby on the way,” or “get ready for sleepless nights,” etc.

2. Sand and shell centerpiece

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Use this one if you want a chic yet cost-effective centerpiece idea for the baby shower. All you need to do is fill the empty glass jar with sand, sea shells, and some candles in it (ensure that the candle is secured with an adhesive), and your centerpiece is ready.

You can even use artificial or natural flowers and fairy lights around the jar to enhance the table’s look. This is an excellent centerpiece if you plan to throw a beach-themed baby shower or if the mom-to-be loves sun, sand, and sea.

3. Bowtie onesie to tutu centerpiece

This is yet another easy-to-make baby shower centerpiece that will come together in minutes and look adorable on the table. Take a few diapers and wrap them with a ribbon to make the base.

For the next part, make a blue color onesie cut-out (with bowtie) if the baby is a boy or a pink tutu cut-out if it’s a baby girl. You can either draw the costume on the cardboard or get printouts and cut them out. Place them on a stick and insert the stick in the middle of the diaper cake. Write fun messages for mom-to-be or ask the guests to write some. Either way, it will make a great cut-out to be framed later in the baby’s room.

In case you are not sure about the gender of the baby, stick both the cut-outs on the diaper, ask the guests to guess the gender of the baby, and write cute messages for them. This will be a fun game for the guests. Alternatively, you can stick blue and pink toy bottles to make the decor more fun.

4. Vase centerpiece

If you are planning a baby shower at the last minute, choose this for the centerpiece. Just grab those empty flower pots, color them blue and pink, wrap the pot with cute ribbons, and place some fresh seasonal flowers (or the favorite flowers of mommy-to-be) in the pot. You can even use fairy lights in and around the pot to enhance its look.

Aren’t these the best baby shower centerpieces? Which one will you make for the party? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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