Crafting with Kids

Every Christmas I get this insane urge to make homemade gifts for friends and family. Because I’m me, I can’t keep it simple and usually decide nothing says “Merry Christmas” like hand sewn quilted potholders or a hula hoop loom rug.

And, because nothing says “Extra Special Merry Christmas” like adding to the previous statement, “made by the kids”, I end up employing child labor to help me make my gifts. (Plus, Christmas crafting with kids is pretty fun.)

Two years ago, it was all about the glass bead magnets. They were adorable. The kids loved helping me make them and, when I tried to make the beads into necklaces, they helped me pry apart my super glued fingers.

Last year, it was Mod Podged fabric on tiles turned coasters. The counters never recovered.

This year, it really is quilted potholders. After looking through the seductive allures of Pinterest, I thought they might be the easiest thing for the kids to make: straight cuts, straight sewing lines, straight quilting lines.

Too bad neither kids nor myself can sew a straight line to save our lives.

Last night, as I sat in a pile of fabric while Elizabeth unraveled yards of the stuff to wrap around her body in fashion show style and Joseph complained that zombies never had to sew potholders, I wondered what I was doing. In my head, I envisioned the three of us in a warm, cozy house while Christmas music played in the background and the smell of cookies filled the air.

I was obviously picturing Fantasyland.

Four band aids and an agreement that We Will Never Discuss Pot Holders Again later, I put the kids to bed and tried to piece together the remnants of their Christmas gifts to their teachers and adult family members.

The sad part is, I have no doubt I’ll be enlisting their help tomorrow night too.

How do you share in Christmas crafting with your children?