A Tale of Two Hallowe’ens

Hallowe’en can be a completely varied and sugar-drenched experience depending on your age and point of view…

Jack’s Tale

Once, on Hallowe’en, there was a village. It wasn’t an ordinary village, it was a magic village. And the whole family was there, plus my friend James and his mommy and daddy.

Audience: And Alex!

Jack: Alex, you’re part of the family. I said the family was there. So, there was a magic man, who made the village magic. He was a wicked wizard. And one day, we were all playing…

Audience: And Alex too!

Jack: I already SAID that. And so the magic wizard came, and he was chasing us. And we ran away.

Audience: And then what happened?

Jack: Nothing. We ran away. That’s all.

The End

Alex’s Tale

Once, on Hallowe’en, Jack and Alex went to the store to buy toothbrushes. And Jack bought a grown-up toothbrush. But Alex didn’t. He bought a kids’ toothbrush.

The End

Audience: Was the toothbrush haunted?

Alex: No. It was a regular toothbrush.

The End!

p.s. My apologies to those who are annoyed by the apostrophe in Hallowe’en. I can’t help it. It’s a compulsion.

p.p.s. Bite-sized Butterfingers are the devil.