Diaper Bag Envy

But then, something strange happened…

I went home to my modest, roly-poly $50 diaper bag and everything about it suddenly seemed wrong. The messenger-style flap blocks a quick grab for the snack container or a “please stop crying” toy. Two of the three sections inside are virtually useless – finding something requires cramming my hand down a narrow slit and fishing around.  Quite possibly, the worst offense is that it is covered in blue and khaki camouflage. Why? So my husband won’t feel less manly when he’s carrying it.

Perhaps the style gods heard about my diaper bag disdain and ordained an intervention because the other day the strap broke. I needed no further excuse to ditch that sad, middle class bag for a grab at mass-market luxury. This mama just got her very own Coach Insignia diaper bag.

I know. Don’t scoff. I need it.

I need the sturdy bottom that keeps the bag from falling over while a twisting toddler dares me to try to keep a poopsplosion from smearing across the changing table. I need the strong leather straps that drop the bag into the perfect spot under my arm. I need the beautiful fabric to attest to the importance of keeping butts clean, drying tears, passing out beverages and snacks, and being a mom.

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