Hottest New Baby Gear of the New Year: The Diaper Bag & Stroller of 2015

The new year is supposed to be a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. So why do I often feel, this time of year, that things are especially run-down and dingy? Maybe it’s just me, but between the bedraggled, leafless trees, the holiday hangovers, and the settling-in winter chill, I don’t feel all that fresh and new come January 1, and I am not convinced that a handful of resolutions is going to change that.

Thankfully, there are at least two things in my life that are feelin’ and lookin’ new and perky, and it’s the Allure Tote diaper bag from TWELVELittle dangling from my arm or perched underneath the Mamas & Papas Armadillo stroller. Here are my reviews of the hottest new baby gear for 2015.


First, the bag: The best part? It’s honestly hard to tell that this is a diaper bag. It’s that good looking. In fact, it reminds me more of the uber-popular (and rather expensive) bags from MZ Wallace than anything you’d find on the baby aisle. Designed by two female RISD grads, it’s spacious but not hulking, sleek but not slippery, and makes me feel just that much more put-together when I really feel…anything but. 


Buy it: Allure Tote diaper bag from TWELVELittle at

As for the Mamas & Papas stroller, I will come right out and say that I consider myself somewhat of a stroller snob and aficionado. I have tried them all—some for my own use, and some for review/testing for sites like this one. This is all to say, I am picky, picky, picky about the strollers I use! As for this one, I’m smitten. The Armadillo (ha!) is billed as the “big, little stroller”—because it’s got all the features and the cushy ride of a full-size stroller (i.e., what I call an SUV stroller), but it’s pared down into the size of a lightweight stroller that’s able to zip in and out of stores, restaurants, etc. The fabric is awesome and plush, the fold is dummy proof, and it rolls like a soft-focus dream.



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One teeny quibble (I told you I was picky!): At first I felt like I needed at least twelve hours of sleep and a PhD to understand how to work the jigsaw-puzzle harness/strap buckle. Then I figured it out and it’s easy-peasy. I happen to be a huge fan of all things Mamas & Papas—they make parenthood look so stylish and fun, from bouncers to baby clothes to a range of strollers—and given that it’s a UK import, I get to feel ever so slightly connected to the lovely Kate Middleton when I saunter around with my posh pram. 

Like I said: When it comes to the new year and motherhood, sometimes the best way to greet it is with a brand new bag or a brand new ride, not necessarily with another resolution. 

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