Guava Family Just Launched A New Crossover Stroller

When it comes to strollers there’s a huge price gap and you usually get what you pay for. If you want a stroller that’s not going to wake baby when you hit bumps or go uphill/downhill etc. it’s hard to find that on a budget. It’s like a car – a Toyota isn’t going to feel as smooth as a 12 cylinder Jaguar on the nightmare roads of New York City. Mockingbird is an amazing option for a medium budget stroller, especially if your priority is a stroller for multiples. If your priority is versatility however, Guava Family’s new Roam Crossover Stroller is a fantastic pick.


For one you can use it for walking and running – even when it’s loaded with a big diaper bag, groceries and whatever else we’re all loading on our strollers. It also has a one hand fold and it folds upright, making it a great option for smaller apartments or if you don’t plan on getting a separate travel stroller. It has a reclining position, an adjustable handle bar (very important to look for if people of very different heights will be frequently using it).

The only downside is that there is no bassinet option to use it from day one. It’s meant to be used around six months, or whenever you transition out of bassinet into a seat (my son, for example, was tall so that happened already at five months). That said the Roam Crossover Stroller can be used from birth when paired with an infant car seat – they have adapters sold separately that are compatible with many popular models. They have other key accessories as well. A rain cover and travel bag are two items often over-looked. A rain cover usually comes with the expensive, top-of-the-line strollers (like Cybex Priam), but mid-range it usually has to be bought separately and it’s a must! Not only to protect the stroller, but to protect baby (and keep him or her from screaming if it’s raining…). Ditto for a travel bag – I learned the hard way how your stroller might come out looking if you don’t use one.