Mommy Must-Have: Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller

The Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller is almost too good to believe. I didn’t believe it until I tested it out for myself. Sure it looks great (I loooove the limited edition sage color below), but does it function great? I’ve tried many medium-price strollers that look amazing and work well, but not nearly as well as pricier strollers (like, for example, the Lalo – it’s a great looking stroller for the price, but you can’t compare it to, say, a Cybex in terms of how easy it to is to maneuverer, especially on rough streets).

The Mockingbird stroller looks great and functions exceptionally very well. As well as the Cybex? No – not when you’re making sharp turns or if you’re doing light jogging with the stroller, but given that it’s on the low end of medium price strollers at $395 or, as double stroller $515 (we’re talking 1/3 of the price of a double or single stroller from a luxury brand), it outperforms its price point by leaps and bounds when compared with anything else I’ve tried in the $300-$600 category, and looks just as good.


But that’s not all. As mentioned, it goes from single to double, so it’s perfect if you’re planning on having multiple kids and it’s available in a number of different color options (you can even pick the pattern of the inner lining). And the configurations are endless – basically anything you can think of – and they’re easy to switch between (the seat go in and out in a snap, which is also important if you plan on packing the stroller in the car often).

You can buy a separate Carriage for $120 or simply use an infant liner for $35 when baby is newborn. They also have other accessories like a cup holder, rain cover, foot-muff, hand-muff, mosquito net, snack tray, parent organizer, and more and when you’re ready to welcome baby #2 the extra seat kit is only $120 (soon you will be able to use a Mockingbird for three kids!). You can customize the seat kit to your color preferences as well.

In the nearly two dozen configuration options, you can easily switch between forward-facing and parent-facing modes, and interchange with the Car Seat Adapter or Carriage.

So how do they do all this when the price is 1/2 or even 1/3 of luxury brand versions? It’s plain and simply: they launched as a direct-to-consumer so they can skip retailer markups (though they are now available, as of recently, at Target as well).

**Bonus! Third kid on the way? The brand just launched a riding board (making the stroller usable for three kids). It will be off pre-order Feb. 14 and will ship immediately at that time (but you can place an order now).