15 Sex Games You’ll Want To Play Again and Again

Sure, sex is fun on its own, but it can be even more exciting when you add something new — like a spicy sex game — to the mix. See, adding a sexy game takes the routine out of sex (and yes, can make the Big O even better). Sex games build up anticipation for the main event by adding twists to routine foreplay; and, in some cases, something surprising once the main event is underway. We’re not talking about dice that tell you which body part to lick. These sex games are more creative than that. And here’s the thing: No matter which of these sex games you play, just know that both of you will win big time.

A few of these sex games require some planning to gather your props and accessories. Waiting for that package to arrive in the mail will make your naughty playtime even more thrilling. We know moms are busy, so you’ll find spontaneous sex games, too. Grab your man and get ready for a sexy date night (even if you have no plans to go out)!

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