why moms should make time for foreplay
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Why Moms Should Make Time for Foreplay (Even When You’re Exhausted)

When you’re a mom, it’s no secret that life can get pretty hectic. Between taking care of your little ones, working, and managing your home, it’s not uncommon for exhaustion to set in at the end of the day. Amidst the chaos, it can be tempting to take shortcuts with your sex life, like skipping foreplay and heading straight for the main event instead. However, as tempting as it may be, eschewing the sexual preamble is not something that you want to make a habit of. There are good reasons why you should make time for foreplay, even when you’re exhausted, and we’re going to unpack the most important ones for you, no holds barred.

Foreplay sets the mood

Let’s be honest: there’s nothing less sexy than jumping straight into sex without any build-up. When you’re exhausted, it can be easy to want to skip the foreplay and get straight to the point, but doing so can really kill the mood. Foreplay is an important part of any intimate encounter because it sets the tone for the rest of the experience. It’s a chance to get all hot and bothered, and get your body good and ready for the main event. Without foreplay, you risk making sex feel rushed, mechanical, and (worst-case scenario) unsatisfying, which is not what you want your sex life to be like, right?

You need the lube

If you’re like many moms, you need a little help in the lubrication department. And there’s no shame in that; one study found that 65.5 percent of women have used lube before. But you know what else helps get you wet? Foreplay! When you’re exhausted or not fully aroused, your body might not produce enough of its natural juices, which can make sex uncomfortable or even painful. Engaging in foreplay can help your body produce the necessary lubrication, making sex feel more comfortable and enjoyable. Not to mention, proper lubrication can also help reduce the risk of tearing or pain during sex. Foreplay, and subsequent lubrication, can also help increase arousal and make it easier for you to reach orgasm. In other words, foreplay not only ensures sex is safe and comfortable for both you and your partner, it enhances your pleasure! Win, win, mama!

It makes sex more intimate

Foreplay isn’t just about getting your body ready for sex, it’s also an opportunity to connect with your partner on a deeper level. Taking the time to kiss, touch, and explore each other’s bodies can be incredibly intimate and can faciliatate a bond between you and your partner. When you’re exhausted, it’s all too easy to get into the quickie routine, but doing so can leave you feeling disconnected from your partner. By taking the time to engage in foreplay, you can enhance the emotional intimacy between you and your partner, which can make your sexual encounters feel more meaningful and fulfilling.

Take it slow

While it can be tempting to skip foreplay when you’re exhausted and in a hurry to get sex over with, foregoing foreplay is not something that you want to make a habit of. Foreplay should be fun, satisfying, and something both you and your partner actively participate in. So, the next time you’re feeling tired and tempted to skip foreplay, don’t. Pretend you and your partner are hormone-fueled teenagers again and do “everything but” until you’re riled up and ready to go all the way.

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