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Bedtime Games You Can Play With Kids

One of the most popular sleepytime rituals is to read bedtime stories. However, not every kid loves listening to stories, and sometimes your kiddo might even want a change of pace from the mundane bedtime routine. So, what other options are left for you as a parent? Bedtime games might be what you are looking for!

Playing bedtime games with your kids can make them fall asleep in no time. The best thing is that you don’t have to run around the house or use gadgets to play these games. You can play them while lying down on the bed.

1. Say it with alphabets

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Pick a letter and ask your kid to say as many words as possible starting with that letter. Don’t forget to set a time limit to keep it interesting. Your child can then pick a letter for you or their sibling to repeat the same process. This bedtime game will be fun for toddlers as it can help them revise or learn new words.

2. Animal noises

Make sounds of different animals and birds and let your child guess the name of the same within a minute. To make the game more fun, you and your kiddo can take turns where you have to guess the animal or bird’s name. This bedtime game will make your child more attentive to the animal/bird sound the next time they are outdoors.

3. Guess the tune

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This bedtime game can be played with all age groups, right from toddler to pre-teens. Simply hum or whistle tunes of some rhymes or songs and ask your child to guess the name and sing along. Your kids will surely love playing this bedtime game every day.

4. Word game

You say one word, and your child then says a word associated with it. For instance, dark-light, sun-sea, fruit-apple, etc. You can take turns while playing this bedtime game. If not this, you can play a game with antonyms, or recite A-Z backward (it can be quite tough depending on your kid’s age). This game will help develop vocabulary as well as creativity.

5. The color game

Choose a color and start naming things or items with that color. From nature to stationery items, your child can name anything of that color. Once you run out of items, choose another color and repeat the same process. See who gets the maximum number of items. This bedtime game is a perfect way to make your kid more observant of their surroundings.

6. Puppet show

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Deliver a mesmerizing shadow puppet show while telling exciting stories. This added element makes bedtime stories all the more fun. You can make the shadow with your hands or use your kid’s toys. You can also opt for a finger puppet show with your kids to make the game interactive and thrilling for the littles.

7. Complete the story

How about coming up with a new story with your child at bedtime? Select a few of your kid’s favorite characters and start weaving a tale with them. Stop after a few lines and ask your child to build up the story from there. Take turns till you finish the story with a happy ending. This is a great bedtime game to encourage creative thinking in your little one. The best part about this is enjoying your kid’s role as a co-creator.

These bedtime games are fun to play and pretty creative at the same time. So, play these every day with your kids and see them laughing and giggling to sleep. So, which game will you start with? We suggest playing these games on a rotation basis to keep it interesting. Also, share your kid’s favorite bedtime game in the comment section below.

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